4 Rochester Conservatory Classes For Older Students

4 Rochester Conservatory Classes For Older Students

Music is a subject with no age barriers. People at every stage of life enjoy listening to music and playing instruments. However, music education is often focused on younger learners. Many parents start their kids off in music classes, only for them to lose interest as they get older. This dynamic has created many teachers and music programs that lack the techniques needed to help advanced students or adults that want to develop their musical skills. Rochester Conservatory of Music has programs for everyone, including those who need more assistance than the standard music teacher can provide. Here are four Rochester Conservatory classes that are perfect for older students.

Performance Workshops

Every student at the Rochester Conservatory of Music attends performance workshops that are designed to help students prepare for public performances. These workshops are useful for all age groups, but they can be extra beneficial for older students. People tend to become more self-conscious as they get older, and that could prevent people from performing at their best in public. Taking part in the workshop is a safe environment for people to practice their skills in front of an audience. And since everyone else is a student, you can expect your audience to be respectful and supportive. We recommend that our students use these workshops to practice performances and to work through their trepidations.

Dramatic Interpretation for Singers

Singing is another area where it can become harder for people to perform the older they get. Singing for a large audience can be nerve-wracking, and any uncertainty you feel may be reflected in your performance. Our dramatic interpretation for singers course focuses on stage presence, acting, movement, and song interpretation. This class can be useful for singers who plan on performing before a large audience, doing a college audition, or entering an “idol” contest. When performing live, you need a visual presence that’s as powerful as your music. The class is taught by theatre professionals and is essential for performers who want to take their craft to the next level.

College Prep Courses

When students are heading to college, it’s vital that they are prepared for the information and skills they will be taught. College professors don’t expect students to know everything when they walk in the door, but there are some expectations about basic music knowledge. If someone is planning on studying music theory in college, the Rochester Conservatory of Music has college prep classes that will have them ready to learn. Our college prep music classes are designed to supplement private music lessons with all of the skills required of a college music major, including theory, piano proficiency, harmonization, transposition, and improvisation. These classes are taught by music professionals who are qualified to teach music theory at the college level.

Group Piano Classes for Adults

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and that’s true for music. If you regret not learning how to play the piano as a kid, nothing is stopping you from learning now. The Rochester Conservatory of Music has piano lessons for adult learners. These classes can be done in private lessons, but you may enjoy group piano classes better. Our group classes are divided by age, so you won’t have to worry about getting lessons that are simplified for small children. Better still, taking a group piano class will give you a chance to meet people with similar interests to you. The classes are for adults over 21 and provide a non-stressful, non-pressured approach to piano lessons in a relaxing and comfortable environment for learning and active music making.


Love of music doesn’t have an age range, and neither does the Rochester Conservatory of Music. If you want to learn how to play an instrument or improve your performance skills, we have a class for you. Send us a message online if you have any questions and you can book courses online if you ready to get started.

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