Rochester Conservatory Musikgarten Program

At Rochester Conservatory, we are immensely proud of our students and our programs. One of the bright stars in our service catalog is the music garden program that takes young learners and instills in them a lifelong love of music.

Our Musikgarten program starts with toddlers and extends to younger school-age children. It’s not specific to the kindergarten school year. Rather we call the program Musikgarten because of the connotation to early learning and development.

Our dedicated and expert staff invest time and effort in creating the right curriculum for Musikgarten classes and serving various groups of children of different ages and skill levels. We tailor this program to the student’s needs, and you can see how children respond well to this program that has their needs and goals in mind. 

Take a look at our website to see the credentials of our educators and their histories and what they bring to the table.

We’re delighted to offer a customized music program that your child will love and the opportunity for them to grow and develop in a warm and welcoming setting.

Read some of the testimonials and more about how we operate our program, and to learn more, come online and meet our faculty. 

Michele Morrow has a MA in Speech Pathology and experience as a Professional Cantor at St. Irenaeus, and the Children’s and Youth Choir Director at St. Irenaeus Parish in Rochester Hills.  Her excitement for the Musikgarten program shows!  

Kay Ellen Wilkins is co-owner of the Rochester Conservatory and she has taught piano at the Conservatory since 1988.  With an additional four years of prior experience, and a BA in Music, Piano Major, from Oakland University. She is a certified early-childhood instructor, too, and has been deeply involved in Musikgarten at the Conservatory. You might have seen her active as a Church Organist and Pianist and Children’s Choir Director at St. Irenaeus Parish in Rochester Hills, MI.  She’s also actively involved in the Michigan Music Festival every year. 

Musikgarten really can be an enriching experience for your little learners. We take pride in our programs and how we prepare a new generation for a life-long love of music! When you hear the results, you’ll know that an investment in music classes was money well spent. We have a unique reputation in the Rochester, NY area, and we are excited to see your child on our roster! Ask us if you have any questions about instruments, curriculum, pricing, scheduling or anything else, and we will get you a more detailed look at this top tier program and what it can do for your child. Remember, these skills will stay with your kids their whole lives, and help them to get more out of their futures. 


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