5 Apps That Encourage Music Practice

5 Apps That Encourage Music Practice

Over the last decade, the education industry has undergone a huge transformation. With the arrival of apps, learning has become easily accessible. Educational apps now bridge the communication gap between not only parents and teachers, but also kids and teachers. Adding to the new age of learning are music apps that make practice feel more like a game and engage students for longer periods of time. Plus, they’re educational!

While nothing can replace the discipline of practicing in person, below is a list of apps to help encourage more private practice.

Tune Train

This free app teaches young children to create and edit melodies with just the swipe of a finger. By playing in the Tune Train world, kids begin to learn about the fundamental structure of music, including pitch, notes and note length, and chords.

Note Flash

This sight-reading app is a great option for any student trying to overcome the challenge of learning how to read and play notes on the staff at the same time. It trains the brain to recognize notes on the staff quickly. Practice reading and playing notes in the treble clef, bass clef, or on the grand staff.

Musical Me

This fun app teaches kids ages 3 to 7 some of the fundamental components of music, including notes, rhythm and pitch. For older kids, TonalEnergy Tuner holds a multitude of helpful resources. Tune your instrument and check for pitch accuracy.

Kids Ear Training

This is a complete ear training program in an app. Ideal for kids who are already learning an instrument or who sing in choir, the app aims to “introduce essential musical elements and concepts and help the student identify those elements by ear.”

Theory Lessons

This app includes 39 animated music theory lessons and is a great option for older kids. All the lessons are also available for free on the website as well, a good option for those without an Apple device. Younger kids looking for music theory practice will enjoy Tenuto.

Piano Dust Buster

Use this app with your real, acoustic piano or keyboard, or use the touchscreen option on your device. The app introduces a game component to learning piano, motivating kids to want to practice. Learn to play classical and popular songs, practice sheet music reading, and more.

Years of research shows that playing music is extraordinarily beneficial to children. In one report, researchers found that playing music had significant behavioral effects, from improved executive function and working memory, to increased focus, to increased ability to cope with emotions and anxiety.

If you would like to expand your child’s musical ability and knowledge even more, Rochester Conservatory of Music offers private lessons, groups lessons, and more. To learn more, contact us online.

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