Extras with Rochester Conservatory of Music

Extras with Rochester Conservatory of Music

At Rochester Conservatory of Music, we offer a wide range of group classes and individual private classes on many instruments – strings, woodwinds, horns and the rest. Our piano school is also very popular in the Rochester MI area.

Here’s more of what we do as one of the top music preparatory institutions in the state of Michigan.

College Prep Music Classes

Some of our students have been with us for a while, and have been learning instruments since their younger years. They’re about to head off to the school of their choice, and they want to start getting an extra edge by taking musical college prep classes.

Clifford Wilkins teaches college prep music classes for Rochester Conservatory of Music. As an experienced chamber music musician with the right credentials to bring an advanced approach to piano, he is a key part of our faculty, and all of our other instructors also have their own special credentials and experience.

Our college prep courses are an important part of what we offer to students every day.

Michigan Music Festival

Each year, we open the Michigan Music Festival to participants of all age levels. You’ll hear the steady strains of string instruments and the somber tones of the piano, along with woodwinds brass and organ music. This open festival is a place to enjoy sounds from around the Rochester MI community.


When our families want to start music curriculum early, they sign their younger children up for our musikgarten age-specific programs.

We start with the basics – singing and exploring rhythm instruments, and slowly building up to more classical and technical music theory mastery.

The musikgarten is our answer to early age music prep, and is a great supplement to either a public or private school education or a top-tier preschool or daycare program. We know that your kids each have their own individual learning styles and capabilities, and we want to meet each student where they are, to offer the best options for their continued music development in a fun and engaging way. Browse our web site and see what’s available, for a particular instrument at your little one’s skill level. We’re excited to see your family join our community of enthused, excited musicians and patrons of the fine arts – because just as music instruction enriches your child’s life, it also enriches us all as a community!

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