From Beginner to Bach: How To Prepare Your Child For Piano Lessons

Playing the piano is something over 25% of the world’s population can do. Learning how to play the piano will be a very difficult and enjoyable process. Most parents try to develop a love of music in their children from an early age. If you know how to play the piano, it is understandable why you want your child to learn this skill as well. 

Taking online piano lessons is a great way for your child to learn in a comfortable and safe environment. Once you have found the right piano instructor, take some time to get your child ready for these lessons. Below are some things you can do to prepare your child for piano lessons. 

Expose Your Child to Piano-Based Music

Encouraging your child to play the piano will only go so far when it comes to convincing them. You actually need to show them why playing the piano is a cool and useful skill. Accomplishing this goal will require you to do your homework. Finding some piano-based music that your child might enjoy is imperative. Not only do you need to let them hear this music, but you should also pull up YouTube videos of live performances. 

By doing this, you can let your child see what goes into getting different sounds out of the piano. Sitting your child down and providing them with a brief rundown of piano-based music can also help you figure out if they are actually interested in learning. 

Invest in a Piano or Keyboard

If your child does show an interest in playing the piano, you need to invest in an instrument for them. Some people fail to realize that pianos and keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Ideally, you want to get a smaller keyboard for your child to learn on. With a smaller keyboard, you will be able to store it easily and keep it out of the way when needed. 

Doing some online research is crucial when trying to get the right keyboard chosen. A good keyboard can be a bit expensive. Getting a high-quality keyboard can help you avoid problems along the way. Consulting with your child’s piano instructor is imperative when trying to purchase the right keyboard. These professionals will have no problem suggesting keyboard options that are affordable. 

Practicing is Important 

As soon as your child starts to bring up the possibility of taking online piano lessons, be sure to let them know how hard learning a new instrument can be. Being a good piano player will require your child to practice on a regular basis. Encouraging your child to practice is extremely important. Setting your child up with their own music room and challenging them to learn different pieces of music can help them develop as a pianist. 

Online Lessons Are a Click Away!

If you are looking for online piano lessons for your child, contact the Rochester Conservatory of Music. Our goal is to provide music education to all who want to learn.

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