Tips for Having Fun While Learning a New Instrument

There’s no question that learning a musical instrument offers an array of benefits. For example, it helps provide a well-rounded education and instills a lifelong appreciation for music. However, for kids, understanding these benefits is more challenging. This means it’s up to their instructors and parents to help them see how much fun music study can be. When this is done, it helps motivate a child while ensuring they enjoy their lessons and practice time.

Make Learning a Game

No one loves games more than children. There are several ways you can make practicing their instrument a game.


For example, challenge your child to play eight measures quietly. Or encourage them to play a passage they have been practicing with their eyes closed. You can even tell them to play something very slowly or as fast as they can.

Note Reading Race

If you are teaching several children the same instrument, consider making note reading a game. See who can identify the most notes correctly first. You can keep track and time who wins.

Music Flashcards

Flashcards are great for teaching almost any new skill. They can help improve accuracy, and you can compete with your budding musician to see who knows the most answers.

Find New Music Together

Remember, when your child is first learning to play an instrument, the world of music will be exciting, new, and completely unknown. One of the best ways to help them find the type of music they like is to show them different and new types of music. By doing this, you can both develop a new appreciation for all sorts of music.

Some ways you can begin introducing new music to your kids include:

  • Explore new music together
  • Listen to the top 40 lists
  • Discover the songs they like based on things they do on a day-to-day basis
  • Take them to musicals, concerts, open mic nights, etc.
  • Introduce the child to music you like

Encourage Your Child

Most people want to do things if they feel as though they are successful or that they make someone else happy. It’s up to you to help create these feelings in your child. There are several ways you can encourage them as they learn a new instrument.

For example, you can keep them company while they practice. If a child is forced to sit and complete a challenging task alone, it can seem like a punishment. However, if you are there to encourage them along the way, it may change their view of practicing.

Make sure you compliment their progress and show approval when they are playing. Also, be sure you let them know it is ok if they make a mistake; after all, this is part of the learning process.

Are You Making Music Fun?

When it comes to learning a new instrument, many factors impact a child’s success. Be sure to make it fun, so they have the best chance possible of being a great musician.

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