Music Lessons and Three “Sizing” Issues in Customizing Instruction

With all of our dedicated and professional instructors working 24/7 on your child’s music studies, Rochester Conservatory of Music represents one of the top tier providers of lessons and support for budding musicians in the Rochester, MI area.

When we say that we look carefully at customizing lessons for the student, we’re talking about something that’s vitally important to how someone develops their skill on an instrument. Let’s look at some of this in detail.


Time Blocks

We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons for students. This is important because the time block or lesson size has to do with numerous factors. There are the student’s individual goals on the instrument, which has an impact on what they’ll be doing during that time frame. Then, of course, there’s the student’s attention span, which also has to be taken into account. Take it from us – some students are just fine with an hour of instruction, and others max out long before that. By anticipating these differences, we fine-tune our approach to make sure it’s a good fit for your precious (and precocious) child.


Number of People in the Group

Some students thrive in a group setting, and some need individual tutoring. We assess your student for what’s the best fit, thinking about the context of how lessons take place. In some cases, having a group helps with creativity and facilitating those “a-ha” moments that are so critical to any kind of instruction. In other cases, a specialization of skill level or other factors means tutoring is the best choice.


Scope of Skill Advance

A third important consideration has to do with the scope of a lesson plan and the arc of your student’s journey toward music mastery.

Along the way, as they go through a course of study, students are going to have specifically defined goals. These often start with simple things like scales and simple compositions but move on to things like cadence and inflection, as well as more advanced music theory. The important thing is to know what kind of a roadmap the student wants to pursue because there are different options available that have an impact on what they will learn and what they will know when they’re finished. Doing that work upfront to specialize the lesson pays off big in the end!

Talk to Rochester Conservatory of Music about personalized instruction and everything that your student needs to succeed. We know our stuff! And we’re here for you, to give your student a leg up in music skill.

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