How to Help Your Child Ace Their Musical Theater Audition

How to Help Your Child Ace Their Musical Theater Audition

Participating in extracurricular activities is something you should encourage your child to do. Music education and musical theater are two of the best school-appropriate activities your child can participate in. Schools with music programs have a 94% attendance rate compared to the 85% attendance rate of schools without these programs.

If your child is interested in musical theater, helping them land a great role should be one of your top concerns. Usually, there will be an audition process where students showcase their skills in front of the teachers who will be putting on the musical in question. Below are some great tips on how to get your child prepared for this audition process.

Learning the Art of Dramatic Interpretation

A great singing voice is just one of the things your child will need to land a role in a musical at school. They will also need things like stage presence and the ability to interpret songs they are given. Having a good experience in a musical will require your child to immerse themselves in the role they want. If you are unable to teach your child the art of dramatic interpretation, working with professionals is crucial.

At the Rochester Conservatory of Music, we offer periodic classes designed to help people of all ages with dramatic interpretation. The teacher of these classes, Cathy Zucker, has been a vocal instructor since 1997. With our help, you can give your child the tools they need to succeed in the world of musical theater.

Help Your Child Dress For their Audition

During the auditions for a musical theater production, a student will have to compete with many people their own age for coveted roles. Helping them gain a competitive edge is crucial. This is why encouraging your child to dress for the part they want on the day of the audition is a wise move. By doing this, your child can show the teachers they are trying out for that they are serious about landing a good role.

In the days and weeks leading up to the audition, you need to let your child practice in front of your and other family members. This will help them get familiar with the song they are performing during the audition and can also help them with their nerves.

Focus on Hydration the Day of the Audition

On the day of the audition, you need to help your child get their voice ready. Providing your child with lots of water and encouraging them to drink it is imperative. If your child does not keep their throat hydrated, they may have problems holding and sustaining notes. Trying to drink water right before the audition will only provide temporary lubrication for the throat. This is why your child needs to drink water throughout the day.

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