Why Allowing Your Child To Quit Piano Lessons is a Bad Idea

Children who play musical instruments are generally better at working in teams and critical thinking. A musical child is also less likely to get in trouble, which is why most parents view things like piano lessons as a worthwhile investment. In the beginning, your child will be excited to learn their instrument. However, as these lessons become more challenging and time-consuming, your child might lose interest. 

If your child expresses an interest in quitting their piano lesson altogether, you need to think long and hard before allowing this to happen. The following are reasons why allowing your child to quit piano lessons is a bad idea.  

Your Child Needs To Learn The Value of Commitment

Many parents hope that they raise reliable and independent children. Realizing that this is something that a child can learn to do is a gamechanger. One of the best ways to ensure your child is responsible is by teaching them the value of honoring their commitments. If your child has committed to taking piano lessons, then they need to honor it by attending them and actually retaining the value they provide. 

Allowing a child to quit something every time problems arise will not help them in the future. Being an unreliable adult can make it hard for a person to succeed. Talking with your child’s piano instructor is a great way to solve the problems you are facing. If the instructor knows your child is having a hard time, they will go out of their way to help them. With their help, you can keep your child interested and engaged in learning a musical instrument.  

Avoid Long-Term Regrets

As any parent knows, children can be “impulsive,” to say the least. The human brain is not fully formed until a person reaches 25 years of age. This means that until your child reaches this age, their decision-making ability can be hampered. In most cases, your child will eventually regret quitting their music lessons. When the long and boring days of summer are upon them, your child will wish they had something fun to do, like practice piano or take an online piano lesson. 

Instead of exposing your child to this type of regret, you need to help them get through this temporary rough patch. Talking with your child and figuring out what problems they have with their existing learning environment is crucial. With this information, you can make the changes needed to get your child playing and learning.  

Get Self-Esteem Levels High

Another reason why you need to avoid letting your child quit piano lessons is the blow to their self-esteem this bad decision will cause. Children who play musical instruments are far more confident. As your child gets older, they will need this confidence to avoid giving in to peer pressure. While getting your child to accept your decision to keep them in piano lessons can be difficult, it is worth the temporary frustration you encounter. 

At Rochester Conservatory of Music, we aim to keep the learning environment we provide fresh and fun. Contact us now for more information about the music lessons we provide. 

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