Great Tips For Improving Your Stage Presence

Whether you are performing on stage for fans or auditioning for a musical scholarship, you need a few basic elements to capture and retain the attention of your audience. Great musical talent only goes so far when trying to captivate and entertain a group of people. You also need to have a stage presence to get an audience to pay attention to your performance.

There are over 1,500 full-time independent musicians currently working in the United States. The most successful musicians have a great stage presence and a desire to please their audiences. Are you trying to improve your stage presence? If so, here are some great tips you need to pay attention to. 

Remove Silence From Your Performance

When performing to an audience, your main goal should be keeping them in the moment the entire time. One of the main mistakes performers make that can take an audience out of the moment is allowing silence during their performance. This silence generally takes place in between songs. Instead of introducing awkward moments of silence into your performance, you need to be mindful of this problem. 

In between songs, you need to engage in banter with your audience. You also need to work on your set beforehand to ensure all of the musicians you are playing with know the setlist and are ready to play. Most performers implement certain cue words in their audience banter that lets the other musicians they are playing with know when the next song should start. Properly preparing for a live performance is one of the best ways to avoid letting silence ruin this experience. 

Engage With The Other Musicians On Stage

Standing in one spot while performing to an audience can make this experience boring for people watching the show. If you fail to put on a good stage show, you will have a hard time growing your following. This is why you need to make a point of moving around and engaging with the other musicians on stage. 

By doing this, you can entertain the audience and show people you care about performing with the members of your band. One of the best ways to see where stage presence improvements need to be made is by videoing all of your performances. Watching the playback of these performances can help you pinpoint what you are doing right and where you are faltering when it comes to keeping the audience engaged. 

Audience Participation is a Must

If you really want to impress an audience, then making them feel like they are part of the show is a good idea. Audience participation is something you will find in some of the most popular concerts in the world. Asking your audience to sing along or getting them to scream out songs they want to hear during the concert can be a lot of fun. 

By implementing the great tips in this article, you can improve your stage presence in no time at all. 

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