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We’ve talked a lot about the values that we bring to music instruction in Rochester, MI. It’s a great thing seeing the joy and self-assurance in a child’s eyes as they work through lesson plans and develop skills and confidence for the future!


So let’s talk about some of the ways that we nourish this idea as a community music academy, and why it’s so important to us to continue to offer these services here. 


One way to promote the best outcomes is by offering a variety of recitals. Why are recitals important? Well, when you have invested in something like this, in developing a set of skills and broadening your horizons, you want to show the world what you can do. There’s also a social component to these recitals that helps young musicians to network. At the same time, audiences enjoy seeing the fruits of the students’ labor and hearing the harmonious music that they make!


In short, there are many reasons to put on these types of recitals. Our excellent staff spend time and energy putting together these events with care, and making sure that they flow smoothly. 


Here’s some of what we offer throughout a given year.

These recitals will involve considering how students have progressed, and how to show this off in the best way. Regularly scheduled featured composer recitals give some of those opportunities for students to show off what they’ve learned in a structured way, with a real live audience. As part of a student’s plan, we’ll go into how recitals can apply in consultation with families. 


Ensemble Recitals


Some of these recitals come out of group lessons as well. There’s a particular appeal to hearing a group of musicians play together, and we recognize that, which is why we add these to the event list.


Seasonal Recitals


Our Christmas Potpourri recital is one example of seasonal recitals put on by the academy. We like to have events throughout the year, to give both performers and listeners multiple chances to get involved. 


Students can also participate in the Michigan Music Festival and we have more details on that available through the web site. It’s a big event every year!


Look around the site for more on how we offer individual and group music classes, to help young learners to develop and grow their skills. Whether it’s strings or piano, woodwinds or horns or anything else, we support our students with a context that promotes the best outcomes for learning and enjoying music. 

Featured Composer Recitals



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