Cello lessons are available in 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lessons.  Program also includes two 60 minute group classes per month:  music theory fundamentals and performance workshops.  Plus one formal recital per semester.


Michael Mahler has been a cello teacher at the Rochester Conservatory since June, 2019. Mr. Mahler received his BM and Bachelor of Music Education from Central Michigan University and his Masters of Music from Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Cello Performance. While in Boston he was the principal cellist for the Boston Conservatory Symphony Orchestra. Currently he is the principal cellist for Spectrum Orchestra in Birmingham, MI and also performs with the Rochester Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Mahler has been teaching cello since 2011.  Mr. Mahler is a dedicated cello teacher and very adept at assessing each student’s individual needs. He is quick to adjust his teaching style depending on the student. He has a very calming presence and is able to make the student feel comfortable and willing to try new things.


Adriana Gruja is an accomplished cellist with international experience (Albania, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia) in orchestras and playing concertos in large venues. She is highly skilled as a cellist in the symphony orchestra, plus chamber music, musical theater, opera, and wedding music, with superb memorization and improvisational skills. She has seven years experience for different ages, with 4 years experience as an Assistant professor in Music Education.