Guitar lessons are available in 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lessons.  Program also includes two 60 minute group classes per month:  music theory fundamentals and performance workshops.  Plus one formal recital per semester.


j.julianJessica Julian has been teaching guitar at the Rochester Conservatory since August, 2013. She is a senior at Oakland University, pursuing a BA in Music Ed and Performance. She has been playing the guitar since 2005 and teaching professionally since 2013. Ms. Julian is a very dependable and enthusiastic teacher. She is engaging and dedicating to helping her students become better musicians. She enjoys teaching music reading and loves to get them involved in Conservatory events, including Performance Workshops, Recitals, and even Achievement Testing! Ms. Julian is comfortable with all ages and enjoys teaching Classical, Rock and Pop styles. She is a very patient, encouraging and understanding teacher.


b.wilkinsBenjamin Wilkins has grown up at the Conservatory. As the son of owners, Cliff and Kay Ellen Wilkins, Ben began his musical instruction in the Musikgarten classes at the age of one! He continued into private study, which included 11 years of Classical piano lessons, 5 years of clarinet lessons, and 7 years of guitar lessons. Mr. Wilkins also worked as an assistant theory class instructor and apprentice guitar teacher throughout high school. After high school, he pursued a Guitar Performance degree at Oakland University. He has also been a collaborating composer and lead guitar player for the band called Alive in Standby, a progressive rock group, which he co-founded. The band has been very successful, releasing 4 albums and going on numerous concert tours across the United States, including performing as a featured local band at Comerica Park for the Warped Tours. The four band members of Alive in Standby have announced, during the summer of 2016, that they have decided to go in a different musical direction under a brand new name: The True Blue. There is already quite a bit of buzz about their new project, they are about to release a brand new album and they have begun performing the new music. Mr. Wilkins has been teaching professionally since 2007. He has a kind and friendly demeanor as a teacher, and knows just how to put his students at ease. He is comfortable with all ages and levels, Classical, Rock and Pop styles.